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Advertising goes ONline – LIVErtising 4 Students’ notes – UPDATE

May 04 2012

There is no reason to give up our good habits: here are the students’ notes well in time for you to print them for next lecture on Monday May 7, 2nd period, BV2. This is a catch up lecture for last week.  So: print them for you to complete these notes during the lecture. Your life made easier and more efficient. And, oh yes, have you assimilated my latest posts: Nine reasons…

SEO in plain English

May 15 2011

One of the subjects we covered in some depth in the course is that of Search. As Search reveals an intention, an intention to find information, to connect to your brand, to your organization, to the idea you’re promoting on your site, … it cannot be ignored. Through Search you can reach people who are (potentially) interested in what you have to offer. The search results, as you know, may be “organic”…

Elevator Pitch schedule

May 13 2010

Hello, You’ll find the schedule for our Raz*War elevator pitch on a Buzzword LIVErtising account I have created for this purpose. The logs to sign in are “” and “ihecsstudent”. In my preceding post “Social team work… in the clouds” I provide more background information about Buzzword as a SaaS and cloud computing. Have you read it? I also take the opportunity to point you to a very practical, concise and informative…