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Social TV: Havas Media lecturing at LIVErtising (2/2)

Apr 12 2014

LIVErtising welcomes Erwan Bras from HAVAS Media to introduce social TV SRP metrics   With this second post devoted to Social TV (here is the first post) and its implementation in Belgium by Havas Media I want to thank Erwan Bras and Corinne Verstraete for introducing us to the views, insights and practice of a major player of social tv in Belgium. Here are some main elements in Erwan’s presentation: the present…

Social TV: Havas Media lecturing at LIVErtising – welcoming Corinne Verstraete

Mar 27 2014

One of the tenets of #LIVErtising is the statement: “Media have become more like people : they are social again”. This means we cannot understand what is happening today with the traditional opposition between top-down (interruptive / intrusive / traditional / one-way) and bottom-up (inbound / two-way / permission) communication. A third element is needed: networked communication. I illustrated this previously in this way:   There is a close connection with the…