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Facebook ad failure?

Jun 07 2012

             In a recent post Gaëlle Bodson made a clear statement of the relative pros and cons of the big three players in online advertising: Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn. Three good examples of online interruptive/top-down advertising. Even more recently, the results from a Reuters/Ipsos survey throw some light on the efficiency of Facebook adcampaigns:  Four out of five Facebook Inc users have never bought a product…

Oral exam format and concepts

May 23 2012

Here is a post intended for my admasters students at IHECS. It provides some background for their oral exam and confirms the indications I gave earlier, while being more concrete and complete. Basically, besides the “book dating” document, the exam will be based on three concepts from the course. You’ll draw at random three cards from a triple list inluding: (1) core concepts (2) supporting concepts (3) illustrating concepts. Here is the…

Internet marketing pros and cons by Gaëlle Bodson

May 22 2012

In a series of two blog posts specifically devoted to online advertising, we first listed nine important reasons why online has a bright future and cannot be ignored or ill-considered by marketing communication people. In the present post, Gaëlle Bodson, Belgian webmarketeer and Google Adwords Expert, outlines the respective advantages and downsides of Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn as advertising platforms. Today, the main web generators of visits to a website are…