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Why would you believe it?

Mar 13 2010

Hello you. Next Thursday I will be joining you for a 2 hours discussion around social media and its place in the global communication framework of brands. I will try to be as concrete as possible for you and I will mainly focus on a real life example I am personnaly involved with : Raz*War (up to you to search for more info about that mysterious name ;-)) There will be a…

New start – Feb 2010

Feb 02 2010

As February is starting, so is my new Masters course in Marketing Communication at IHECS, Brussels. Is is entitled LIVErtising and deals with LIVE advertising. Conversations with people, instead of communication at a target. This approach is based on the increasing omnipresence of Social Media. To get an idea of some keywords that will be covered in the course, here is a tag cloud – here we go : TagCloudFeb2010 As the…