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LIVErtising 2012 notes #2 – Social Branding

Feb 20 2012

Here are the notes for the second part of our LIVErtising course. It is entitled “Social Branding”. I recommend printing these notes and bringing them to class this Thursday. First, the PDF version, which is easier to print out. Second, the PPT version. Added Feb 27 – here is the embedded video from the PPT. Take your time to watch it again, let it sink in! And as a reminder: take this…

LIVErtising assignment 2012 #1 – videos

Feb 14 2012

If you look up at the header of the blog you’ll see the different pages – one of them is the “video gallery“. This gives you access to most of the videos we’ve watched together. For you to watch again later. Now, some of them provide some key information to understand the LIVErtising mindset, the set of mind of connected advertising. As the saying goes: Social Media Marketing is not about using…