A Few Words on Social Media by David Hachez

March 6, 2012

David Hachez

Hear, hear: this week we’ll have the pleasure to welcome David Hachez  aka The After. David is a Belgian social media practitioner. He has set up various ventures, among which Brandialog and, more recently, Raz*war, “A revolutionary shaving brand proposing quality shaving at fair prices”. This enabled David to garner the Bizz Starter Award (2010) and the Plugg Audience Award (2010).
In a second life David lectures at ICHEC-Entreprises and at Solvay Entrepreneurs’ Pool of Experts,  and is a Founding member of Feweb, a Francophone professional association bringing together the various web-related jobs.

In a nutshell, David Hachez considers himself a brand activator. Reason enough to expect a lot of input from the seminar he has accapted to give on March 8 at Ihecs (BV2). It is guaranteed to provide us with an insider’s look into the evolution we are analysing in LIVErtising: from top-down communication over bottom-up to networked conversation.

To get you started, I can’t resist displaying here a very useful slide I have taken from one of David Armano’s presentation on Slideshare, with the telling title “Social Media is Dead – Long live commonsense”, as it illustrates the evolution I just mentioned.

Armano Social Media is Dead

Two suggestions to prepare interacting with David:
  • Go and have a look at Raz*War’s online store, giving some attention to its blog and Wall of Shave . This will prove very useful food for thought. Not in the least in the following document from the blog, that will get you acquainted with the brand.
  • Download David’s presentation, “A few words on social media”, which are more likely to become a huge story.

Oh yes: David is going to introduce a challenge to you – you’d better attend in order not to miss the instructions!

See you on Thursday. Take care! And comment or like or bookmark or RSS or Delicious or RT or… and PARTICIPATE!

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