The social world goes mobile

May 31, 2011

One of the background elements of the LIVErtising course is the evolution towards mobile access to the Internet. Progressively the Internet goes to the user rather than the opposite. Internet access is no longer exclusively a desktop experience. Wi-fi and 3G connexions have done to the internet what the remote control did to television: free the user from a physical contact with the appliance. Then, internet connexion on laptops has evolved into consoles, smartphones, tablets, not to forget the promise of  web-enabled television. Internet use is now increasingly mobile: always-on, everywhere.

It is also likely to change in nature, as the possibilities of object-to-object communication are going to transform the nature of Internet contents and exchanges. Toyota is pioneering here with the creation of a social network that will enable drivers to “friend” their cars and communicate with them. Weird?

Toyota announced that it plans to develop a private social network for its vehicle owners called Toyota Friend. The network, set to launch in 2012, will be developed with San Francisco cloud-computing company, and will enable drivers to stay connected with their cars, their local dealers, and each other–using their car. “The car is the true mobile device,” Marc Benioff, CEO of, said recently, according to The Atlantic Wire.

In order to support my claim, I’d like to share the following infographic. It not only updates some of the figures I gave earlier about the penetration of Social Media, about the need to consider that there is much more than Facebook and Twitter in the SocMed arena. It also provides an idea of the upcoming mobile wave. This is the provided by Jess3 Labs. Jess3 is a small agency that specialises in data visualisation. So, yes, we’ve got a good example of Content Marketing and Whuffie building here!

GeoSocialUniverse by Jess3

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