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May 15, 2011

One of the subjects we covered in some depth in the course is that of Search. As Search reveals an intention, an intention to find information, to connect to your brand, to your organization, to the idea you’re promoting on your site, … it cannot be ignored. Through Search you can reach people who are (potentially) interested in what you have to offer.

The search results, as you know, may be “organic” or “sponsored”, that is to say “natural” or “paid”. Now, as organic results get the major share of searchers’ clicks, in a proportion that is reported as high as 75% vs 25%, it deserves our full attention.

This is why I’ll recommend the following white paper from Hubspot, the same specialised agency that offers the Website Grader we used in the course to analyze a website. It covers SEO basics in a very informative way. All you need to do is identify yourselves to get the document free. A clear example of Inbound Marketing, of a content strategy that intends to build “whuffie”. Help yourselves by clicking on the picture…

Hubspot SEO White Paper

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Thank you for putting the document in the Skydrive ! …

Have a nice day !

Julie Treff
May 27, 2011 12:06

Hello mr. Ranschaert,

I wanted to download the paper you uploaded about the SEO.

Unfortunately, we have to fill in a form with our privacy settings!
And to be honest, I am not willing to give all my personal data away…

So I wanted to ask you if there was no other way to get this paper, which seems very interesting and important for the preparation of the oral exam.

Thank you in advance,
have a nice day!

Julie Treff


Hello Julie,

there is nothing like a free lunch, I’m afraid. As you get something, you are expected to give something. But nobody ever said you must give your wallet! If you feel unsafe saying who you are, build an identity and email address you only use for those purposes.

Nothing can happen to you… but the people you get something from at least have an email address where they can go on sending contents of interest to you! Fair deal, don’t you think?

Ah, yes, have a look on the Skydrive in the Library section ;-).


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