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Youtube ads in a nutshell

Nov 13 2017

Here is a nice infographic I want to share with you. No words needed, just use it as a springboard to inspire you. Thanks,!

LIVErtising on Facebook

May 29 2011

For some time now LIVErtising has been present on FB, as you would expect. The LIVErtising page now features both the twitter feed and the present blog, so you can keep tabs on both channels from your FB page. You’ll also find a Youtube tab and a Slideshare tab to make your life easier. More to come later!

SocMed Strategy: define your objectives

Apr 17 2011

One of the fundamentals in communication, as in everything you undertake, is to define your objectives: where do you want to get, what do you want to achieve? This is true in advertising as well as in social media marketing. Never forget this. Even more: start by stating your objectives. On paper. Clearly. In a way you can communicate them to anybody. To help you put this in perspective, here is an…