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Studentsourcing – how IHECS students curate

Feb 27 2014

In this short post I am glad to share with you. LIVErtising is about participation, and it is based on participation too. Master 1 students in marketing communication at IHECS have taken to content curation to contribute to the course we’re building together . To give extra visibility to their content selection, I have started a new list on  I use as a social bookmarking platform to share content I have…

Social Platforms 101

Mar 25 2010

In this Thursday’s lecture I alluded to a wide range of web spots that can help you get the feel of social media beyond Facebook. Visiting these sites and getting around them for a few minutes  each will help you take the pulse of the SocMed world. Visit them, look around, try out a few things, create a standard profile, share with others, go back after some time… to integrate them into…

LIVErtising Notes 2 – part B

Feb 17 2010

Here is the updated document for our next class. I insist everyone should print it before attending, to make note easier. The best format is probably “3 slides on 1 page” – which leaves more space for a few quick notes.