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Understanding the basics of SEO – Video Assignment

Apr 30 2012

In our analysis of online advertising there is one aspect that stands out: search. Search advertising, mainly on Google, is indeed the heavyweight in terms of adspend, because search is an important activity on the web. This is shows again in the latest IAB Adspend report. Globally this is called SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. It includes two different activities: SEO and SEM, Search Engine Optimisation ad Search Engine Advertising. Understanding each…

9 reasons why online has a bright future

Apr 19 2012

Before analysing online advertising in depth in our last lectures, it is worth wondering: does online advertising have a real future beyond the present interest it is getting, and if so, why? The massive answer is: YES, online advertising is there to stay. Even more, its share is certain to grow steadily bigger.. It is not a passing craze, a hype – it has a real future, a really important future. So…

Inbound marketing : assignment

Apr 08 2011

The concepts of SEO and SEM seemed uncertain territory for some students attending my class some time ago when I first introduced them in the context of “online advertising“. As a part of the course’s assignment, I am asking you to view and make notes from the following video. It is a webinar offered by Hubspot. This young but very active web player defines itself as “(…) an inbound marketing system that…

Adwords video, and more!

Mar 18 2011

You are entitled to expect an educational blog to give you access to all the sources used in the lecture. At the same time, having access to this material puts in your hands the responsibility for using it as a springboard for personal development of your knowledge. So, you must realize you can view all course videos in the video section of the blog – this is the third thumbnail above. Here’s…

Keyword advertising: Adwords vs Adsense

Mar 04 2010

Hello, Some of you seemed a little confused about the parallelism between Google Adwords and Google Adsense. They indeed belong to the same universe of keyword and PPC advertising, but work at different levels of the virtual spiral that bring four partners together in a win x 4 situation: the search engine, the surfer, a website and the advertiser. To understand their difference, I feel it is best to look at them…

Bring the Love Back

Feb 08 2010

You want to watch the “Bring the Love Back” again? Here it is for you to enjoy! Bring the love back Do comment, bookmark, share, mashup this… in line wit the LIVE element in LIVErtising.