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LIVE update

Feb 08 2014

  Just a few elements intended for #LIVErtising students, or anyone interested! On Wednesday April 23 at 7 pm IHECS and Master 1 #LIVErtising students will be welcoming Tom Palmaerts. Tom works with Trendwolves, a trendwatching agency, and has recently been awarded the “Trendwatcher of the Year 2013” award in Amsterdam. Trendwolves present their activities in this way:             We are a research and marketing office with…

Do Twitter and Facebook help you climb up Google?

Jan 27 2014

  Of course you want to be found on the web. Of course you want to feature in good place on the Google results page. How you achieve that is called SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a subject we have already addressed on the LIVErtising blog , as it is a cornerstone of any online presence. One questions that keeps many people on their toes is whether you can leverage your Twitter…

Belgian TV goes social

Dec 13 2013

  What’s cool about Foursquare is that you’re sharing your location and being seen in all kinds of places. But checking into a lot of different TV implies you’re a couch potato. So we need to answer the question: How do you make watching a lot of TV cool? _ Ryan Osborn, Director of Social Media at NBC News, cited by Proulx and Shepatin, Social TV, 2012. “Being a couch potato!” The expression…

RSS essentials

Feb 15 2013

Apparently a few students have not yet awoken to the potential of RSS as the fuel that enables networked communication to run smoothly. In a nutshell, the advantages of RSS are: to decide on your permissions: what content do you find interesting / useful  enough to give it the permission to reach out to you; to get that information coming to you without you bothering to go and fetch it; to get…

Belgium’s Facebook portrait

Jun 15 2012

        Surprise this morning. Browsing my newsfeeds I came across the following two items.   First, a newsletter item about the reach of social media among Belgian companies, provided by Digimedia.   About 97% of Belgian companies are not active on social networks, while those who are active there only boast an average of 250 fans on their FB page. This shows in an analysis of a database of…

LIVErtising on Facebook

May 29 2011

For some time now LIVErtising has been present on FB, as you would expect. The LIVErtising page now features both the twitter feed and the present blog, so you can keep tabs on both channels from your FB page. You’ll also find a Youtube tab and a Slideshare tab to make your life easier. More to come later!

Not all SocMed is Facebook or Twitter

Apr 22 2011

My latest post dealt with one of the fundamentals of LIVErtising: define your strategy – formulate your objectives. This one insists on another viewpoint we want to emphasize: depending on your objectives, you will need different tools. Among the social media and networks, you’ll need to look further than FB, Twitter or LinkedIn. These are horizontal media/networks. They’re fine to use, as they provide an easy access to a wide audience. Basically,…

SocMed Strategy: define your objectives

Apr 17 2011

One of the fundamentals in communication, as in everything you undertake, is to define your objectives: where do you want to get, what do you want to achieve? This is true in advertising as well as in social media marketing. Never forget this. Even more: start by stating your objectives. On paper. Clearly. In a way you can communicate them to anybody. To help you put this in perspective, here is an…

10 LinkedIn graduate tips – LinkedIn (3)

May 01 2010

We’ve come a long way from a worker having just two channels (a resume and a few references) to having the choice of a dozen or more significant ways to spread her ideas. Choose or lose. Seth Godin One of the many possibilities Seth Godin may have in mind is building a social media presence over time, starting today. Now you master the basics of LinkedIn (possibly thanks to the two previous…

Reuters’ rules for Twitter

Mar 12 2010

“We want to encourage you to use social media approaches in your journalism but we also need to make sure that you are fully aware of the risks — especially those that threaten our hard-earned reputation for independence and freedom from bias or our brand.” Says who? Reuters, the respected UK-based, Canadian-controlled news agency. They have recently issued a set of specialised guidelines about “Reporting from the Internet and using social media”.

LIVErtising Notes 2 – part B

Feb 17 2010

Here is the updated document for our next class. I insist everyone should print it before attending, to make note easier. The best format is probably “3 slides on 1 page” – which leaves more space for a few quick notes.

Notes LIVErtising 2 – Advertising goes Web

Feb 09 2010

Here are the notes for this Thursday’s course LIVErtising 2. It is to analyse systematically the various forms of online advertising, to provide a coherent picture of advertising gone web. It is the students’ responsibility to print this document and bring it on Thursday – choose the printing format that enables you best to make notes. Neither the above document, nor the PPT are sufficient.

New start – Feb 2010

Feb 02 2010

As February is starting, so is my new Masters course in Marketing Communication at IHECS, Brussels. Is is entitled LIVErtising and deals with LIVE advertising. Conversations with people, instead of communication at a target. This approach is based on the increasing omnipresence of Social Media. To get an idea of some keywords that will be covered in the course, here is a tag cloud – here we go : TagCloudFeb2010 As the…