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LIVErtising exam timetable

Apr 01 2018

Here is the timetable for the oral exam. Let me know in case of problem. It is always possible to switch two students after letting me know by mail or below as a comment. For Erasmus students who may have to leave before the exam date, and for any willing student, there is a possibility to take the exam on Friday May 25, after letting me know by mail or as a…

LIVErtising exam

Aug 14 2016

Updated on August 15: timetable at the bottom You are wondering what to expect for the #LIVErtising exam, right? Here is the information to put you at ease with this. Your study The exam contents correspond to the information shared during the lectures, on the basis of the slides, I mean, the oral contents shared during the lectures, not just the slides. In addition, the Reading File and the Youtube Video Channel…

Timetable and LIVErtising Notes 3

Mar 23 2010

Here are, on the Skydrive, two documents you need to plan your work: the timetable for the Book Dating sessions on April 1 (not March 25 as previously announced here) and April 29. I’ll refer you to my previous post about the Book Dating activity to know what is exprected from you there. The address to post your corrected abstract is the LIVErtising Forum. Apparently some among you have already managed to…