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Inviting Participation: TEDxIHECS speakers at LIVErtising

Mar 01 2013

            Next Saturday, March 9, IHECS is to host a session of the renowned TEDx Talks: TEDxIHECS. The organizers, all IHECS students or alumni, introduce their project in this way: Inspired by TED talks and their genuine ability to move, connect and create a new sense of awareness and community, six current and former alumni at IHECS decided to give it a shot and organize a local TEDx event operating under…

Facebook update at Web 2.0

Nov 06 2011

The recent Web 2.0 Expo in NY gave us the opportunity to take stock of the situation in terms of interactive media and listen to 2.0 practicioners explain what they expect from the future. Among the many videos of the event available on the O’Reilly media Youtube channel,  I have chosen to discuss one here. It is the talk given by Michael Lazerow from Buddy Media, entitled “How are brands using Facebook right?” The…