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The state of mobile february 2014

Feb 16 2014

  When last week we analysed the evolution the consumer has presented recently we had to leave out the last change we need to cover to set the background of our LIVErtising – participatory advertising – journey. The consumer is decidedly mobile – but even more, they are increasingly always ON. Here is an infographic that illustrates the rise of mobile today. It is entitled “25 statistics that will drive the future…

The social world goes mobile

May 31 2011

One of the background elements of the LIVErtising course is the evolution towards mobile access to the Internet. Progressively the Internet goes to the user rather than the opposite. Internet access is no longer exclusively a desktop experience. Wi-fi and 3G connexions have done to the internet what the remote control did to television: free the user from a physical contact with the appliance. Then, internet connexion on laptops has evolved into…