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The Digital Advertising Landscape: LIVErtising 14.8 student notes

Apr 27 2014

Scanning the digital techniques for advertising Possibilities to use the web to advertise are exploding in number and nature. “Digital advertising” is so rich in possibilities that it is now an empty word as long as you do not specify what you have in mind. Here are a few of the techniques that make up the job of online advertising practitioners – please tick those you are familiar with:   affiliation RTB…

Advertising goes ONline – LIVErtising 4 Students’ notes – UPDATE

May 04 2012

There is no reason to give up our good habits: here are the students’ notes well in time for you to print them for next lecture on Monday May 7, 2nd period, BV2. This is a catch up lecture for last week.  So: print them for you to complete these notes during the lecture. Your life made easier and more efficient. And, oh yes, have you assimilated my latest posts: Nine reasons…

9 reasons why online has a bright future

Apr 19 2012

Before analysing online advertising in depth in our last lectures, it is worth wondering: does online advertising have a real future beyond the present interest it is getting, and if so, why? The massive answer is: YES, online advertising is there to stay. Even more, its share is certain to grow steadily bigger.. It is not a passing craze, a hype – it has a real future, a really important future. So…

Consumer Trust Earned vs Owned vs Paid Media

Apr 16 2012

One of the cornerstones of any communication is trust. When you consider entering in a real conversation with your audience, trust becomes even more important as a baseline.  This shows the importance of the recent data published by Nielsen in their Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages report. It surveyed over 28,000 respondents in 56 countries. One of the main teachings is the difference in trust between earned vs owned and…

Raz*War 2012 Elevator Pitch

Apr 03 2012

On May 3rd 2012 we are to take the Elevator Pitch for the Raz*War campaign introduced by David Hachez.   Regarding the assignment for the pitch here is a short summary of your challenge. Principle : The Elevator Pitch Format : Work in groups of 4 with at least one man per group. Each group will have 5 minutes sharp to present, no more, no less. So: this is timed!  Challenge : Find…

A Few Words on Social Media by David Hachez

Mar 06 2012

Hear, hear: this week we’ll have the pleasure to welcome David Hachez  aka The After. David is a Belgian social media practitioner. He has set up various ventures, among which Brandialog and, more recently, Raz*war, “A revolutionary shaving brand proposing quality shaving at fair prices”. This enabled David to garner the Bizz Starter Award (2010) and the Plugg Audience Award (2010). In a second life David lectures at ICHEC-Entreprises and at Solvay Entrepreneurs’ Pool…

LIVErtising 2012 notes #2 – Social Branding

Feb 20 2012

Here are the notes for the second part of our LIVErtising course. It is entitled “Social Branding”. I recommend printing these notes and bringing them to class this Thursday. First, the PDF version, which is easier to print out. Second, the PPT version. Added Feb 27 – here is the embedded video from the PPT. Take your time to watch it again, let it sink in! And as a reminder: take this…

Social media usage by Small Businesses

Nov 23 2011

Infographic by Constant Contact

Corporate use of social media by Coralie Vrancken

Oct 15 2011

In a recent blog post, social media analyst Dan Schawbel interviews Jason Falls, co-author of the recently published No Bulls**t Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide To Social Media Marketing. One of the questions is this: How do you know if you’re using social media incorrectly? What are the signs? Here is Falls’ answer: If you’re not meeting your goals, or more specifically, if you’re treading water and hearing nothing but crickets…

Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

May 28 2011

I just came across the following infographic. It drives trough many of the positions I have held during the course, meaning each do or don’t should be familar to you and is worth a good explanation. Don’t you think? The source is the Sirona Consulting Blog that borrowed it from the Steel Method Website.

Not all SocMed is Facebook or Twitter

Apr 22 2011

My latest post dealt with one of the fundamentals of LIVErtising: define your strategy – formulate your objectives. This one insists on another viewpoint we want to emphasize: depending on your objectives, you will need different tools. Among the social media and networks, you’ll need to look further than FB, Twitter or LinkedIn. These are horizontal media/networks. They’re fine to use, as they provide an easy access to a wide audience. Basically,…

SocMed Strategy: define your objectives

Apr 17 2011

One of the fundamentals in communication, as in everything you undertake, is to define your objectives: where do you want to get, what do you want to achieve? This is true in advertising as well as in social media marketing. Never forget this. Even more: start by stating your objectives. On paper. Clearly. In a way you can communicate them to anybody. To help you put this in perspective, here is an…

Finding your people focus in Social Media

Apr 06 2011

As it would not be appropriate for Social Media Marketing to speak about “targeting” and “the target”, I have chosen to speak about “focus” here. Remember? SocMed have introduced a third paradigm in marketing communication: next to the top down approach of traditional “interruptive” broadcast/above the line media, next to bottom up “permission” advertising, social media have introduced networked and participative communication, a “conversation” demultiplied by the power of the internet. This…

Tomorrow’s media agency – infographic

Mar 26 2011


Driving Social Media

Jun 09 2010

I have recently received questions and comments, as my preceding post shows. The present contribution is also meant to meet the needs and wishes you have expressed. First, I will re-use a post I wrote for my preceding blog. It answers a capital question: Where is the focus in “social media?” At this stage in the course, some have gathered the feeling that everything 2.0 / connected / participatory / networked is…

Social Media Fear

May 28 2010

Social Media. They are on everybody’s lips today. Everyone around you uses them, and you do so yourself as you are reading this blog post, right? Social Media have become the most widely used web activity, as recent data seem to indicate. This is both good news and bad news for advertisers and marketing communication people. Good news, because it only makes sense to communicate on venues where visitors go to. The…

Elevator Pitch schedule

May 13 2010

Hello, You’ll find the schedule for our Raz*War elevator pitch on a Buzzword LIVErtising account I have created for this purpose. The logs to sign in are “” and “ihecsstudent”. In my preceding post “Social team work… in the clouds” I provide more background information about Buzzword as a SaaS and cloud computing. Have you read it? I also take the opportunity to point you to a very practical, concise and informative…

Social? Media?

May 07 2010

Yesterday during the punk keynote delivered by @Mindblob, one of the issues that arose was the connect/divide between reality and online media, together with the place of relationships and the time spent on socmed. All legitimate questions that invite a wide variety of acceptable answers, the crucial element being to keep the question in mind. I just hit upon an interesting post by Dan Schawbel, entitled Social “Me”dia Syndrome: A Deadly Epidemic…

Tomorrow’s notes

Apr 21 2010

Hello again, here are as promised the notes to print for tomorrow’s lecture. I have provided them in two formats, ppt and pdf, for your ease of use. I hope this solves the remaining problems. They are on the usual skydrive for our course.

LIVErtising Notes 2 – part B

Feb 17 2010

Here is the updated document for our next class. I insist everyone should print it before attending, to make note easier. The best format is probably “3 slides on 1 page” – which leaves more space for a few quick notes.

Notes LIVErtising 2 – Advertising goes Web

Feb 09 2010

Here are the notes for this Thursday’s course LIVErtising 2. It is to analyse systematically the various forms of online advertising, to provide a coherent picture of advertising gone web. It is the students’ responsibility to print this document and bring it on Thursday – choose the printing format that enables you best to make notes. Neither the above document, nor the PPT are sufficient.

New start – Feb 2010

Feb 02 2010

As February is starting, so is my new Masters course in Marketing Communication at IHECS, Brussels. Is is entitled LIVErtising and deals with LIVE advertising. Conversations with people, instead of communication at a target. This approach is based on the increasing omnipresence of Social Media. To get an idea of some keywords that will be covered in the course, here is a tag cloud – here we go : TagCloudFeb2010 As the…