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Social Media Monitoring 101

Mar 16 2014

The fifth stage in our journey through participatory advertising focuses on Listening. The  Advertising Research Foundation defines “listening” in these terms:   The study of naturally occurring conversations, behaviours, and signals that may or may not be guided, that brings the voice of people’s lives into the brand (Stephen Rappaport, 2011 – see the ARF’s Listen First Blog) Many major advertisers have started taking this activity very seriously. One of the first big…

LIVErtising #4: the technological building blocks

Mar 06 2013

Here are the student notes for our next lecture. We are going to get a glimpse of the technologies that fuel the participatory web. NOT because the technology is important as such, BUT to get an (approximate) idea of the main elements that make the web what it is today: an enjoyable multimedia participatory experience. The student notes you can download here are nearly identical to my own keynote. Indeed, some among…

LIVErtising on Facebook

May 29 2011

For some time now LIVErtising has been present on FB, as you would expect. The LIVErtising page now features both the twitter feed and the present blog, so you can keep tabs on both channels from your FB page. You’ll also find a Youtube tab and a Slideshare tab to make your life easier. More to come later!

Online adspend in France 2010

Mar 24 2011

LIVErtising #4 attempted to provide a clear picture of  online / digital advertising. The need for this rests on the basic fact that “the web” is  a neutral channel of communication. It is neutral in terms of media formats, as it carries text, audio, video, pictures, rich media, interactions, seperately or together. It is neutral in terms of interface: you can access it through any type of screen: computer, laptop, television, smartphone,…

Mobile Apps – business models?

Mar 19 2011

Some time ago somebody among the students in the LIVErtising class raised the issue of fees to pay when you want to develop mobile applications. This is indeed information you must take into account. The answer is provided in the following diagram from an insightful presentation delivered at a recent MobileMonday event I attended. Eric Valgaeren a Stibbe Partner and business law specialist discussed The Legal Do’s and Dont’s in Setting up…

Welcome, Luc Debaisieux

May 04 2010

This Thursday, May 6th, we will have the pleasure to welcome Luc Debaisieux as a guest speaker for our last proper lecture in our LIVErtising course. Luc has accepted the challenging task of putting into perspective our journey through different elements of participative advertising and social media . As a Creative Strategist with JWT Group Belgium <here is a little game: guess who Luc is among these JWT people> as an active…

10 LinkedIn graduate tips – LinkedIn (3)

May 01 2010

We’ve come a long way from a worker having just two channels (a resume and a few references) to having the choice of a dozen or more significant ways to spread her ideas. Choose or lose. Seth Godin One of the many possibilities Seth Godin may have in mind is building a social media presence over time, starting today. Now you master the basics of LinkedIn (possibly thanks to the two previous…

Social Platforms 101

Mar 25 2010

In this Thursday’s lecture I alluded to a wide range of web spots that can help you get the feel of social media beyond Facebook. Visiting these sites and getting around them for a few minutes  each will help you take the pulse of the SocMed world. Visit them, look around, try out a few things, create a standard profile, share with others, go back after some time… to integrate them into…

Timetable and LIVErtising Notes 3

Mar 23 2010

Here are, on the Skydrive, two documents you need to plan your work: the timetable for the Book Dating sessions on April 1 (not March 25 as previously announced here) and April 29. I’ll refer you to my previous post about the Book Dating activity to know what is exprected from you there. The address to post your corrected abstract is the LIVErtising Forum. Apparently some among you have already managed to…