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Moving from SEO to SXO

Apr 16 2018

The next stop on our digital advertising journey will be SEO… or rather SXO. Optimising your website for a better search experience for the user To warm up, here is a short quiz that’ll help you gauge your understanding of the SEO field. Take it before next Friday’s lecture, to make this more relevant to you. And the direct link to the quiz. The student version of the keynote can be downloaded…

LIVEquizzes to check your understanding

Apr 07 2018

Here are some quizzes I have cooked with love and affection for you. They are intended to tickle your basic knowledge of Display advertising, Google Analytics and SEO. Twenty questions (or about) and ten minutes each, plus a correction sheet at the end of the quizzes. Go ahead.   Display advertising 2020:    Here is a a direct link.   Google Analytics 2020:    And the direct link to the…

Do Twitter and Facebook help you climb up Google?

Jan 27 2014

  Of course you want to be found on the web. Of course you want to feature in good place on the Google results page. How you achieve that is called SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a subject we have already addressed on the LIVErtising blog , as it is a cornerstone of any online presence. One questions that keeps many people on their toes is whether you can leverage your Twitter…

Advertising goes ONline – LIVErtising 4 Students’ notes – UPDATE

May 04 2012

There is no reason to give up our good habits: here are the students’ notes well in time for you to print them for next lecture on Monday May 7, 2nd period, BV2. This is a catch up lecture for last week.  So: print them for you to complete these notes during the lecture. Your life made easier and more efficient. And, oh yes, have you assimilated my latest posts: Nine reasons…

Understanding the basics of SEO – Video Assignment

Apr 30 2012

In our analysis of online advertising there is one aspect that stands out: search. Search advertising, mainly on Google, is indeed the heavyweight in terms of adspend, because search is an important activity on the web. This is shows again in the latest IAB Adspend report. Globally this is called SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. It includes two different activities: SEO and SEM, Search Engine Optimisation ad Search Engine Advertising. Understanding each…

SEO in plain English

May 15 2011

One of the subjects we covered in some depth in the course is that of Search. As Search reveals an intention, an intention to find information, to connect to your brand, to your organization, to the idea you’re promoting on your site, … it cannot be ignored. Through Search you can reach people who are (potentially) interested in what you have to offer. The search results, as you know, may be “organic”…

Livertising 5: Interruption – Inbound – Interaction

May 10 2011

Last but one. One more lecture this week before next week’s pitch. To make your life easier while making notes, here are the handouts, in two parts. First I’ll conclude Livertising 4. Then I’ll highlight some more specific aspects of Inbound communication and Interactive communication – some elements that may also put some major elements of the course into perspective – and improve understanding! We’re going to use some monitoring tools to…

Inbound marketing : assignment

Apr 08 2011

The concepts of SEO and SEM seemed uncertain territory for some students attending my class some time ago when I first introduced them in the context of “online advertising“. As a part of the course’s assignment, I am asking you to view and make notes from the following video. It is a webinar offered by Hubspot. This young but very active web player defines itself as “(…) an inbound marketing system that…

LIVErtising Notes 2 – part B

Feb 17 2010

Here is the updated document for our next class. I insist everyone should print it before attending, to make note easier. The best format is probably “3 slides on 1 page” – which leaves more space for a few quick notes.