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WHY you should start LISTENING!

Feb 12 2015

One idea that lies at the heart of LIVErtising is the engagement concept. It emerged from our first lecture as a key to building consumer trust and building loyalty. Our analysis of the concept enabled us to break it into two basic components: interaction and amplification. Good. This should not make us forget the first element we hit upon when trying to understand trust. It is called listening. Now, listening is an…

Social Media Monitoring 101

Mar 16 2014

The fifth stage in our journey through participatory advertising focuses on Listening. The  Advertising Research Foundation defines “listening” in these terms:   The study of naturally occurring conversations, behaviours, and signals that may or may not be guided, that brings the voice of people’s lives into the brand (Stephen Rappaport, 2011 – see the ARF’s Listen First Blog) Many major advertisers have started taking this activity very seriously. One of the first big…

RSS essentials

Feb 15 2013

Apparently a few students have not yet awoken to the potential of RSS as the fuel that enables networked communication to run smoothly. In a nutshell, the advantages of RSS are: to decide on your permissions: what content do you find interesting / useful  enough to give it the permission to reach out to you; to get that information coming to you without you bothering to go and fetch it; to get…

Listen first

Mar 23 2012

At the heart of networked / participatory / interactive communication, there is a key activity. An activity that is involved in any real conversation. An activity that is new to advertisers, as it was completely absent from the “television advertising complex” (Seth Godin). You see what I mean? Yes: listening.  When you’re involved in a real conversation with someone, you take turns listening and speaking. And you’d better listen in a genuine…

Tomorrow’s notes

Apr 21 2010

Hello again, here are as promised the notes to print for tomorrow’s lecture. I have provided them in two formats, ppt and pdf, for your ease of use. I hope this solves the remaining problems. They are on the usual skydrive for our course.

New start – Feb 2010

Feb 02 2010

As February is starting, so is my new Masters course in Marketing Communication at IHECS, Brussels. Is is entitled LIVErtising and deals with LIVE advertising. Conversations with people, instead of communication at a target. This approach is based on the increasing omnipresence of Social Media. To get an idea of some keywords that will be covered in the course, here is a tag cloud – here we go : TagCloudFeb2010 As the…