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Facebook ad failure?

Jun 07 2012

             In a recent post Gaëlle Bodson made a clear statement of the relative pros and cons of the big three players in online advertising: Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn. Three good examples of online interruptive/top-down advertising. Even more recently, the results from a Reuters/Ipsos survey throw some light on the efficiency of Facebook adcampaigns:  Four out of five Facebook Inc users have never bought a product…

Internet marketing pros and cons by Gaëlle Bodson

May 22 2012

In a series of two blog posts specifically devoted to online advertising, we first listed nine important reasons why online has a bright future and cannot be ignored or ill-considered by marketing communication people. In the present post, Gaëlle Bodson, Belgian webmarketeer and Google Adwords Expert, outlines the respective advantages and downsides of Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn as advertising platforms. Today, the main web generators of visits to a website are…

Advertising goes ONline – LIVErtising 4 Students’ notes – UPDATE

May 04 2012

There is no reason to give up our good habits: here are the students’ notes well in time for you to print them for next lecture on Monday May 7, 2nd period, BV2. This is a catch up lecture for last week.  So: print them for you to complete these notes during the lecture. Your life made easier and more efficient. And, oh yes, have you assimilated my latest posts: Nine reasons…

Understanding the basics of SEO – Video Assignment

Apr 30 2012

In our analysis of online advertising there is one aspect that stands out: search. Search advertising, mainly on Google, is indeed the heavyweight in terms of adspend, because search is an important activity on the web. This is shows again in the latest IAB Adspend report. Globally this is called SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. It includes two different activities: SEO and SEM, Search Engine Optimisation ad Search Engine Advertising. Understanding each…

9 reasons why online has a bright future

Apr 19 2012

Before analysing online advertising in depth in our last lectures, it is worth wondering: does online advertising have a real future beyond the present interest it is getting, and if so, why? The massive answer is: YES, online advertising is there to stay. Even more, its share is certain to grow steadily bigger.. It is not a passing craze, a hype – it has a real future, a really important future. So…

Consumer Trust Earned vs Owned vs Paid Media

Apr 16 2012

One of the cornerstones of any communication is trust. When you consider entering in a real conversation with your audience, trust becomes even more important as a baseline.  This shows the importance of the recent data published by Nielsen in their Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages report. It surveyed over 28,000 respondents in 56 countries. One of the main teachings is the difference in trust between earned vs owned and…

Google Facts, The Search and The Long Tail

Mar 05 2010

In our coverage of online advertising media yesterday, we discussed the relative importance of the different forms of online media in terms of advertising money. This yielded the following chart, which I borrowed from the excellent book by Tracy L. Tuten, Advertising 2.0: Social Media Marketing in a Web 2.0 World. In order of importance, from most to least, we have: 1° search advertising, 2° display, 3° classified, 4° rich media, 5°…

Notes LIVErtising 2 – Advertising goes Web

Feb 09 2010

Here are the notes for this Thursday’s course LIVErtising 2. It is to analyse systematically the various forms of online advertising, to provide a coherent picture of advertising gone web. It is the students’ responsibility to print this document and bring it on Thursday – choose the printing format that enables you best to make notes. Neither the above document, nor the PPT are sufficient.