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WHY you should start LISTENING!

Feb 12 2015

One idea that lies at the heart of LIVErtising is the engagement concept. It emerged from our first lecture as a key to building consumer trust and building loyalty. Our analysis of the concept enabled us to break it into two basic components: interaction and amplification. Good. This should not make us forget the first element we hit upon when trying to understand trust. It is called listening. Now, listening is an…

8 Listening dashboards: Social Media Monitoring102

Mar 22 2014

  In SM101 we discussed why Listening has become (again) a necessary stage in our interaction with our audience, our conversation. The question how to set up a social media monitoring facility is developed in our LIVErtising 14.5 slides entitled “Listenomics”. Starting at the beginning, we covered the listening fundamentals together during the lecture: RSS – vertical search engines – Alerts . No more about this here. I consider you have started…