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The Digital Advertising Landscape: LIVErtising 14.8 student notes

Apr 27 2014

Scanning the digital techniques for advertising Possibilities to use the web to advertise are exploding in number and nature. “Digital advertising” is so rich in possibilities that it is now an empty word as long as you do not specify what you have in mind. Here are a few of the techniques that make up the job of online advertising practitioners – please tick those you are familiar with:   affiliation RTB…

Consumer Trust Earned vs Owned vs Paid Media

Apr 16 2012

One of the cornerstones of any communication is trust. When you consider entering in a real conversation with your audience, trust becomes even more important as a baseline.  This shows the importance of the recent data published by Nielsen in their Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages report. It surveyed over 28,000 respondents in 56 countries. One of the main teachings is the difference in trust between earned vs owned and…

Online adspend in France 2010

Mar 24 2011

LIVErtising #4 attempted to provide a clear picture of  online / digital advertising. The need for this rests on the basic fact that “the web” is  a neutral channel of communication. It is neutral in terms of media formats, as it carries text, audio, video, pictures, rich media, interactions, seperately or together. It is neutral in terms of interface: you can access it through any type of screen: computer, laptop, television, smartphone,…