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Your three stones of knowledge: the LIVErtising exam

May 06 2017

I want to confirm here the information I gave  in the first lecture. (Added June 3: do not miss the Q&A in the comments at the bottom of the post!) YOUR STUDY The exam contents correspond to the information shared during the lectures, on the basis of the slides – I mean, the oral contents shared during the lectures, not just the slides. The evaluation itself will be based on three concepts from the…

Driving Social Media

Jun 09 2010

I have recently received questions and comments, as my preceding post shows. The present contribution is also meant to meet the needs and wishes you have expressed. First, I will re-use a post I wrote for my preceding blog. It answers a capital question: Where is the focus in “social media?” At this stage in the course, some have gathered the feeling that everything 2.0 / connected / participatory / networked is…

Bottom-up questions

Jun 02 2010

I want to thank those among you who have communicated some questions : bottom-up communication in practice! This enables me to deepen some elements for you all. 1) I don’t find anything about “networked”.. is it “being a part of a network”? “Networked” refers to the type of communication we are now in (“networked communication”) and to the resulting fact that most people today are networked and networking (“networked people / networked…