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WHY you should start LISTENING!

Feb 12 2015

One idea that lies at the heart of LIVErtising is the engagement concept. It emerged from our first lecture as a key to building consumer trust and building loyalty. Our analysis of the concept enabled us to break it into two basic components: interaction and amplification. Good. This should not make us forget the first element we hit upon when trying to understand trust. It is called listening. Now, listening is an…

Social Media Monitoring 101

Mar 16 2014

The fifth stage in our journey through participatory advertising focuses on Listening. The  Advertising Research Foundation defines “listening” in these terms:   The study of naturally occurring conversations, behaviours, and signals that may or may not be guided, that brings the voice of people’s lives into the brand (Stephen Rappaport, 2011 – see the ARF’s Listen First Blog) Many major advertisers have started taking this activity very seriously. One of the first big…

LIVErtising #3 – LISTENomics: student notes

Feb 15 2013

Our next lecture will deal with the art of listening, so fundamental in any good conversation! Yes, also in marketing communication. And this is pretty new in the field of marketing! Help yourself to the notes to facilitate your job, and please bring comments or questions. Please note that some slides (#2, 9, 10, 11 & 12) are clickable, to access the sites immediately.