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From Listening to Intelligence

Feb 26 2017

I am sharing below the slides for next Monday’s lecture. It analyses the basic ingredient of any relationship based on interaction: listening. You cannot interact, you can’t build a genuine conversation with someone you don’t listen to, full stop. As a brand, listening is also a foundation skill that companies and organisations, as well as individuals, events, candidates or recruiters had better learn seriously. It is a new competence promoted by the…

From Listening to Insights: LIVErtising 16.4

Feb 19 2016

Hello there!  We are already in our fourth LIVErtising week. TTI has had its kick-off meeting and a save-the-date invitation is due to roll out soon for our Trend Talk Ihecs #2 of April 19. Some among you are already warming up for the Hubspot or Google certifications. And we have already four chapters of the LIVErtising Masters course to chew on. LIVErtising 16.4 is entitles “From Listening to Insights”. I am…

WHY you should start LISTENING!

Feb 12 2015

One idea that lies at the heart of LIVErtising is the engagement concept. It emerged from our first lecture as a key to building consumer trust and building loyalty. Our analysis of the concept enabled us to break it into two basic components: interaction and amplification. Good. This should not make us forget the first element we hit upon when trying to understand trust. It is called listening. Now, listening is an…

8 Listening dashboards: Social Media Monitoring102

Mar 22 2014

  In SM101 we discussed why Listening has become (again) a necessary stage in our interaction with our audience, our conversation. The question how to set up a social media monitoring facility is developed in our LIVErtising 14.5 slides entitled “Listenomics”. Starting at the beginning, we covered the listening fundamentals together during the lecture: RSS – vertical search engines – Alerts . No more about this here. I consider you have started…

Social Media Monitoring 101

Mar 16 2014

The fifth stage in our journey through participatory advertising focuses on Listening. The  Advertising Research Foundation defines “listening” in these terms:   The study of naturally occurring conversations, behaviours, and signals that may or may not be guided, that brings the voice of people’s lives into the brand (Stephen Rappaport, 2011 – see the ARF’s Listen First Blog) Many major advertisers have started taking this activity very seriously. One of the first big…

LIVErtising #3 – LISTENomics: student notes

Feb 15 2013

Our next lecture will deal with the art of listening, so fundamental in any good conversation! Yes, also in marketing communication. And this is pretty new in the field of marketing! Help yourself to the notes to facilitate your job, and please bring comments or questions. Please note that some slides (#2, 9, 10, 11 & 12) are clickable, to access the sites immediately.

Listen first

Mar 23 2012

At the heart of networked / participatory / interactive communication, there is a key activity. An activity that is involved in any real conversation. An activity that is new to advertisers, as it was completely absent from the “television advertising complex” (Seth Godin). You see what I mean? Yes: listening.  When you’re involved in a real conversation with someone, you take turns listening and speaking. And you’d better listen in a genuine…

Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

May 28 2011

I just came across the following infographic. It drives trough many of the positions I have held during the course, meaning each do or don’t should be familar to you and is worth a good explanation. Don’t you think? The source is the Sirona Consulting Blog that borrowed it from the Steel Method Website.

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

May 25 2011

In order to answer some questions I got recently, I am going to re-use part of a blog post I wrote some time ago, as it comes in nicely here. Society, media, consumption and media use are changing. Advertising must follow suit and evolve/adapt… or disappear. It is doing so, moving on a continuum from top-down over permission to participation: traditional marketing communication: push – attention – interruption – one-way – top-down…

Social Punk 101 – second look

May 11 2010

Hello, After attenting last week’s keynote by Mindblob, aka Luc Debaisieux, I am eager to share some of my notes with you as a springboard for revision; these are based on Luc’s presentation but also provide the concepts to build to link with the LIVErtising course. First, here is the link to the keynote and an embed of one of the inspiring videos that made Luc’s keynote so ‘to the point’: Social…