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LIVErtising questions… answered

Jun 09 2011

Here are two questions I got about the exam. More welcome! Question # 1 – “I have a small question concerning the chapter on investments in different advertising techniques. I am a bit confused as to what is “Content integration / integrated content”. I don’t really understand what is exactly.” Content integration is the integration of advertising content (branded games, branded microsites, branded videos, branded videogames, branded contests – all this is…

LIVErtising Notes 2 – part B

Feb 17 2010

Here is the updated document for our next class. I insist everyone should print it before attending, to make note easier. The best format is probably “3 slides on 1 page” – which leaves more space for a few quick notes.

Notes LIVErtising 2 – Advertising goes Web

Feb 09 2010

Here are the notes for this Thursday’s course LIVErtising 2. It is to analyse systematically the various forms of online advertising, to provide a coherent picture of advertising gone web. It is the students’ responsibility to print this document and bring it on Thursday – choose the printing format that enables you best to make notes. Neither the above document, nor the PPT are sufficient.