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Bookdating: taking care of the language side

Mar 22 2014

Last week we held our first #Bookdating session – in very uncomfortable conditions. Still, you grasped the opportunity to have interesting exchanges based on your book reading, in English. Next to this, most of you have now uploaded their abstract to the Bookdating Forum. The next step is to start communicating on the forum, commenting the abstracts. A requirement is for everyone to make (at least) two comments based on an insight…

Don’t make a fool when applying

Apr 24 2012

Once in a blue moon (I like this expression, find it very poetic) it is good to return to the basics. Also in terms of language. I am offering here three exercises based on bookdating sessions. They are intended to get rid of some annoying language inaccuracies, ugly things you want to do away with before you take that important job interview in English and do not want to make a fool…