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12-step Landing Page Optimisation

May 08 2012

An element that came up in our journey in online advertising is the importance of landing pages. If the visitor to your site lands there after clicking on a link or banner – on a referral website, in an email or an a social platform – you must welcome them on a page that answers the specific reason why they clicked in the first place. Indeed, that visit is not a cold…

Livertising 5: Interruption – Inbound – Interaction

May 10 2011

Last but one. One more lecture this week before next week’s pitch. To make your life easier while making notes, here are the handouts, in two parts. First I’ll conclude Livertising 4. Then I’ll highlight some more specific aspects of Inbound communication and Interactive communication – some elements that may also put some major elements of the course into perspective – and improve understanding! We’re going to use some monitoring tools to…