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Livertising 5: Interruption – Inbound – Interaction

May 10 2011

Last but one. One more lecture this week before next week’s pitch. To make your life easier while making notes, here are the handouts, in two parts. First I’ll conclude Livertising 4. Then I’ll highlight some more specific aspects of Inbound communication and Interactive communication – some elements that may also put some major elements of the course into perspective – and improve understanding! We’re going to use some monitoring tools to…

Social Punk 101 – second look

May 11 2010

Hello, After attenting last week’s keynote by Mindblob, aka Luc Debaisieux, I am eager to share some of my notes with you as a springboard for revision; these are based on Luc’s presentation but also provide the concepts to build to link with the LIVErtising course. First, here is the link to the keynote and an embed of one of the inspiring videos that made Luc’s keynote so ‘to the point’: Social…

Bring the Love Back

Feb 08 2010

You want to watch the “Bring the Love Back” again? Here it is for you to enjoy! Bring the love back Do comment, bookmark, share, mashup this… in line wit the LIVE element in LIVErtising.