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10 dream jobs for your future?

Jan 09 2014

I remember when I was a kid, don’t we all? One of the many questions that grown-ups kept asking me was “What will you do when you grow up?”. Tough question I was never able to answer, except for the youngest years when I imagined myself “being an Indian”, like in “cow-boys and Indians”! Children today probably have an even tougher time answering that question, as the professional world is far more…

12-step Landing Page Optimisation

May 08 2012

An element that came up in our journey in online advertising is the importance of landing pages. If the visitor to your site lands there after clicking on a link or banner – on a referral website, in an email or an a social platform – you must welcome them on a page that answers the specific reason why they clicked in the first place. Indeed, that visit is not a cold…

Social media usage by Small Businesses

Nov 23 2011

Infographic by Constant Contact

The social world goes mobile

May 31 2011

One of the background elements of the LIVErtising course is the evolution towards mobile access to the Internet. Progressively the Internet goes to the user rather than the opposite. Internet access is no longer exclusively a desktop experience. Wi-fi and 3G connexions have done to the internet what the remote control did to television: free the user from a physical contact with the appliance. Then, internet connexion on laptops has evolved into…

Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

May 28 2011

I just came across the following infographic. It drives trough many of the positions I have held during the course, meaning each do or don’t should be familar to you and is worth a good explanation. Don’t you think? The source is the Sirona Consulting Blog that borrowed it from the Steel Method Website.

SocMed Strategy: define your objectives

Apr 17 2011

One of the fundamentals in communication, as in everything you undertake, is to define your objectives: where do you want to get, what do you want to achieve? This is true in advertising as well as in social media marketing. Never forget this. Even more: start by stating your objectives. On paper. Clearly. In a way you can communicate them to anybody. To help you put this in perspective, here is an…

Tomorrow’s media agency – infographic

Mar 26 2011