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LIVErtising #3 – LISTENomics: student notes

Feb 15 2013

Our next lecture will deal with the art of listening, so fundamental in any good conversation! Yes, also in marketing communication. And this is pretty new in the field of marketing! Help yourself to the notes to facilitate your job, and please bring comments or questions. Please note that some slides (#2, 9, 10, 11 & 12) are clickable, to access the sites immediately.

Listen first

Mar 23 2012

At the heart of networked / participatory / interactive communication, there is a key activity. An activity that is involved in any real conversation. An activity that is new to advertisers, as it was completely absent from the “television advertising complex” (Seth Godin). You see what I mean? Yes: listening.  When you’re involved in a real conversation with someone, you take turns listening and speaking. And you’d better listen in a genuine…