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Should you cut the TV Cable Cord? Here is how to decide!

Feb 17 2016

Last week in LIVErtising I tried to answer the question whether traditional media should be considered dead for advertisers and adpeople – especially television. If the obvious answer is “no”, my intention was to provide up-to-date background information to support that position. Just in case you are still a little confused by the possibilities offered by the evolving television landscape, or if the recent LIVErtising 16.3 lecture left you wondering: here is…

Digital is NOT a channel – LIVErtising 15.2 – Student notes

Feb 10 2015

Hello dear LIVErtising students. This is already the second week of our common journey through LIVE advertising. As participation and engagement are at the heart of this shift in the marketing communication approach, let me insist on the need for you, as students, to start participating and engaging in your own learning process. I have intended this site to help you do just this. I trust you have found and watched…