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LIVErtising 14.7 Advertising goes online

Apr 18 2014

  In a very recent document the IAB, Interactive Advertising Bureau, partnered with PWC to publish the latest Internet Advertising Revenue report. This is key information for anyone interested in the evolution and present state of online advertising. Here is the document:   One of its key indications is that while cable TV advertising revenue was already outpaced by internet advertising revenue two years ago, in 2013 broadcast television revenue  worldwide was…

Belgium’s Facebook portrait

Jun 15 2012

        Surprise this morning. Browsing my newsfeeds I came across the following two items.   First, a newsletter item about the reach of social media among Belgian companies, provided by Digimedia.   About 97% of Belgian companies are not active on social networks, while those who are active there only boast an average of 250 fans on their FB page. This shows in an analysis of a database of…