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Social Platforms 101

Mar 25 2010

In this Thursday’s lecture I alluded to a wide range of web spots that can help you get the feel of social media beyond Facebook. Visiting these sites and getting around them for a few minutes  each will help you take the pulse of the SocMed world. Visit them, look around, try out a few things, create a standard profile, share with others, go back after some time… to integrate them into…

Timetable and LIVErtising Notes 3

Mar 23 2010

Here are, on the Skydrive, two documents you need to plan your work: the timetable for the Book Dating sessions on April 1 (not March 25 as previously announced here) and April 29. I’ll refer you to my previous post about the Book Dating activity to know what is exprected from you there. The address to post your corrected abstract is the LIVErtising Forum. Apparently some among you have already managed to…

New start – Feb 2010

Feb 02 2010

As February is starting, so is my new Masters course in Marketing Communication at IHECS, Brussels. Is is entitled LIVErtising and deals with LIVE advertising. Conversations with people, instead of communication at a target. This approach is based on the increasing omnipresence of Social Media. To get an idea of some keywords that will be covered in the course, here is a tag cloud – here we go : TagCloudFeb2010 As the…