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Your 3 stones of knowledge: the LIVErtising 2020 exam

Mar 25 2020

Under the present dire circumstances, here is a confirmation of the exam format as I announced it during the first lecture, identical in format to the preceding years for both the June and August session. These Instructions for the oral exam conducted online by webcall on TEAMs still apply – every student taking the exam must have read and understood these guidelines and apply them during the whole exam. July 20 update:…

LIVErtising exam

Aug 14 2016

Updated on August 15: timetable at the bottom You are wondering what to expect for the #LIVErtising exam, right? Here is the information to put you at ease with this. Your study The exam contents correspond to the information shared during the lectures, on the basis of the slides, I mean, the oral contents shared during the lectures, not just the slides. In addition, the Reading File and the Youtube Video Channel…

LIVErtising 3 exam concepts

Jun 03 2011

You know your exam will be based on a set of three concepts, as explained in a previous blog post . This is far more open than asking three question. So, it’s easier. Also: This is far more open than asking three question. So, it’s more diffucult. This gives you more possibilities: no danger of feeling stuck in a question you do not understand or remember – no set answer – no…