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Social team work… in the clouds

May 13 2010

Some weeks ago we discussed the evolution towards”working in the clouds”, i.e. that evolution away from software you buy and download to install on your own computer, to SaaS – software as a service – that you use online, with your data hosted online as well, and keeping virtually nothing on your own machine. Good illustrations of this evolution is the increasing importance of SaaS platforms such as Google Docs (and more…

Notes LIVErtising 1 – Bring the Love Back

Feb 02 2010

In order to make your job easier making notes during class I have posted a handout on a Skydrive. It is public – everyone can access it to print those documents every week for the following class. This is much easier if you set up an RSS feed – does this not sound familiar to you? We’ll cover this soon, but for now visit this blog and the Skydrive regularly. Here is…