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Raz*War 2012 Elevator Pitch

Apr 03 2012

On May 3rd 2012 we are to take the Elevator Pitch for the Raz*War campaign introduced by David Hachez.   Regarding the assignment for the pitch here is a short summary of your challenge. Principle : The Elevator Pitch Format : Work in groups of 4 with at least one man per group. Each group will have 5 minutes sharp to present, no more, no less. So: this is timed!  Challenge : Find…

Social team work… in the clouds

May 13 2010

Some weeks ago we discussed the evolution towards”working in the clouds”, i.e. that evolution away from software you buy and download to install on your own computer, to SaaS – software as a service – that you use online, with your data hosted online as well, and keeping virtually nothing on your own machine. Good illustrations of this evolution is the increasing importance of SaaS platforms such as Google Docs (and more…