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Book dating 2015 – timetable added

Feb 17 2015

All LIVErtising student have selected a book in line with marketing communication and have also produced media based on their reading. This only becomes meaningful when you can share the insights you won in this way with other interested people. A first platform that enables sharing this experience is the Bookdating Listly page with your media. Here is more information about a second opportunity to share: Bookdating is an ideas exchange during two lectures…

Book dating 2011

Mar 03 2011

Book dating is an ideas fair during three lectures when everyone will get an opportunity to lead an exchange of ideas around their book. In turn, you’ll each be responsible for such an “ideas table” during half an hour, with five tables working at the same time. All the other students who are not animating a table can choose the table that suits their interest best so that, at the end of…

Timetable and LIVErtising Notes 3

Mar 23 2010

Here are, on the Skydrive, two documents you need to plan your work: the timetable for the Book Dating sessions on April 1 (not March 25 as previously announced here) and April 29. I’ll refer you to my previous post about the Book Dating activity to know what is exprected from you there. The address to post your corrected abstract is the LIVErtising Forum. Apparently some among you have already managed to…