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A Few Words on Social Media by David Hachez

Mar 06 2012

Hear, hear: this week we’ll have the pleasure to welcome David Hachez  aka The After. David is a Belgian social media practitioner. He has set up various ventures, among which Brandialog and, more recently, Raz*war, “A revolutionary shaving brand proposing quality shaving at fair prices”. This enabled David to garner the Bizz Starter Award (2010) and the Plugg Audience Award (2010). In a second life David lectures at ICHEC-Entreprises and at Solvay Entrepreneurs’ Pool…

LIVErtising 2012 notes #2 – Social Branding

Feb 20 2012

Here are the notes for the second part of our LIVErtising course. It is entitled “Social Branding”. I recommend printing these notes and bringing them to class this Thursday. First, the PDF version, which is easier to print out. Second, the PPT version. Added Feb 27 – here is the embedded video from the PPT. Take your time to watch it again, let it sink in! And as a reminder: take this…