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LIVErtising 14.7 Advertising goes online

Apr 18 2014

  In a very recent document the IAB, Interactive Advertising Bureau, partnered with PWC to publish the latest Internet Advertising Revenue report. This is key information for anyone interested in the evolution and present state of online advertising. Here is the document:   One of its key indications is that while cable TV advertising revenue was already outpaced by internet advertising revenue two years ago, in 2013 broadcast television revenue  worldwide was…

LIVErtising Student’s Notes #3 : The technical engine

Feb 27 2012

Time flies by! Here are your notes for lecture 3 already. It is entitled “The technical engine” and will make us peep at the functioning of participation in technical terms. DO download and print the documents NOW. I publish them well on time for you to do so and be ready to take notes. DO tell fellow students NOW; you know, they are absent-minded, unlike you!   Do let me know, should…