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Moving from SEO to SXO

Apr 16 2018

The next stop on our digital advertising journey will be SEO… or rather SXO. Optimising your website for a better search experience for the user To warm up, here is a short quiz that’ll help you gauge your understanding of the SEO field. Take it before next Friday’s lecture, to make this more relevant to you. And the direct link to the quiz. The student version of the keynote can be downloaded…

Do Twitter and Facebook help you climb up Google?

Jan 27 2014

  Of course you want to be found on the web. Of course you want to feature in good place on the Google results page. How you achieve that is called SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a subject we have already addressed on the LIVErtising blog , as it is a cornerstone of any online presence. One questions that keeps many people on their toes is whether you can leverage your Twitter…