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LIVErtising #4: the technological building blocks

Mar 06 2013

Here are the student notes for our next lecture. We are going to get a glimpse of the technologies that fuel the participatory web. NOT because the technology is important as such, BUT to get an (approximate) idea of the main elements that make the web what it is today: an enjoyable multimedia participatory experience. The student notes you can download here are nearly identical to my own keynote. Indeed, some among…

LIVErtising Student’s Notes #3 : The technical engine

Feb 27 2012

Time flies by! Here are your notes for lecture 3 already. It is entitled “The technical engine” and will make us peep at the functioning of participation in technical terms. DO download and print the documents NOW. I publish them well on time for you to do so and be ready to take notes. DO tell fellow students NOW; you know, they are absent-minded, unlike you!   Do let me know, should…

Social team work… in the clouds

May 13 2010

Some weeks ago we discussed the evolution towards”working in the clouds”, i.e. that evolution away from software you buy and download to install on your own computer, to SaaS – software as a service – that you use online, with your data hosted online as well, and keeping virtually nothing on your own machine. Good illustrations of this evolution is the increasing importance of SaaS platforms such as Google Docs (and more…