LIVErtising setting off for twenty-twenty

January 29, 2020

This twenty-twenty episode of my LIVErtising Master course in digital marketing communication is about to start. It is entitled “Advertising DISsonance”, because fifteen years after the Break up video witnessed the need for advertisers to #bringtheloveback in the heart of the audience, the gap separating them has actually widened. Research upon research shows how sharply trust eludes advertisers, advertising costs are going through the roof, fraud is marring digital marketing, technology is turning into an ominous big brother ready to serve the purposes of advertising platforms.

More than ever, we need to tackle the trust issue, because it lies at the heart of all enjoyable and true relationships. Can we bring the love back into the relationship?

Each year February also sees the start of a new LIVErtising term for Masters students majoring in Advertising at IHECS, Brussels. This course, intended for Master students majoring in Advertising at IHECS Brussels and welcoming incoming international students, focuses on the radical change that has been taking place in society over the past fifteen years. Those changes have introduced new ways of connecting, which means new ways of communicating and sharing, which in turn means new ways of socializing.

We have moved from being consumers of contents to becoming content producers as well, sharing the power to communicate and answer back. As a result, our lives are now exposed publicly on the web. The downside: the load of data we share online gives advertisers a granular knowledge of who we are, what/when/where we do things, what we like, in what context. This big data, when leveraged by algorithms, provides advertisers and marketers with a never-before seen power over consumers and citizens.  This enables companies to commodify our behaviours.

This is also the focus of our LIVErtising course.

In line with its focus, the course will be based on this blog and on a twitter account (@LIVErtising) – they are intended to make student participation in the construction of contents possible. Look around the blog to discover its varied contents to illustrate the course. It includes a copy of the students’ notes, published before each lecture – yes – so you can print it before class and make notes more easily. The blog also contains many more tools to share information and discover some content marketing tools: Listly, Youtube, Slideshare, Thinglink, a Onedrive, blogroll, even Spotify to share some good music … For the record, most are listed on the site.

A key idea is that the course is only intended to be a springboard for your own discoveries, and for your feedback and public contribution, live during the lectures and online on the blog and Twitter feed.

I am really keen to start again, looking forward to comments, questions, suggestions – whatever may help us better understand that complex LIVEscape we’re living in. To get us going, here is the handout for the first lecture (set the zoom to “full page” on the toolbar below). It is entitled… “Advertising DISsonance” .  And here is the link to download the doc easily.

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