LIVErtising 2019 on the starting blocks

February 1, 2019

February is here again with its usual load of advertising adrenaline, the American Super Bowl among its most prominent events, with airtime costs increasing to new record prices. The same inflationary move is taking hold of advertising’s new baby, influencer marketing, while online display ads seem to be marred by click fraud costing the industry over 6.5 billion dollars.  More than ever this asks the question: where is advertising taking us?

This year’s host network, CBS, is charging a record $5.25 million for just a 30-second spot during the championship match-up between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots, reports CNBC’s Julia Boorstin.

That’s roughly $175,000 per second.

Each year February also sees the start of a new LIVErtising term for Masters students majoring in Advertising at IHECS, Brussels. The course focuses on the radical change that has been taking place in society over the past dozen years. Those changes have introduced new ways of connecting, which means new ways of communicating and sharing, which in turn means new ways of socializing.

This change has put participation at the heart of our lives. We all participate by uploading pictures, publishing videos, writing comments, evaluating services, liking brands, tagging photos, in a word: publishing pieces of ourselves, of what we like, what we want, who we are, how we live, what we read, who we go out with, where and when, …. Not in the least by feeding our profiles on Facebook, by searching for keywords on Google or by putting our CVs online on LinkedIn or sending snaps. Doing so, we have moved from being consumers of contents to becoming content producers as well, at least in part, at least part of our lives.

This is a societal shift that marketing communication cannot ignore. Brands are no longer the driver, they are sharing the driver’s seat with every single person in their audience, whether they like it or not, whether they even only realise it or not. At the same time, the load of data we share online gives advertisers a granular knowledge of who we are, what/when/where we do things, what we like, in what context. This big data, when leveraged by algorithms, provides advertisers and marketers with a never-before seen power over consumers and citizens. This is also the focus of our LIVErtising course.

In line with its focus, the course will be based on this blog and on a twitter account (@LIVErtising) – they are intended to make student participation in the construction of contents possible. Look around the blog to discover its varied contents to illustrate the course. It includes a copy of the students’ notes, published before each lecture – yes – so you can print it before class and make notes more easily. The blog also contains many more tools to share information and discover some content marketing tools: Listly, Youtube, Slideshare, Thinglink, a Onedrive, blogroll, even Spotify to share some good music … For the record, most are listed on the site.

A key idea is that the course is only intended to be a springboard for your own discoveries, and for your feedback and public contribution, live during the lectures and online on the blog and Twitter feed.

I am really keen to start again, looking forward to comments, questions, suggestions – whatever may help us better understand that complex LIVEscape we’re living in. To get us going, here is the handout for the first lecture. It is entitled… “Is there a little love left for advertising?” . Very suitable for St Valentine’s day, wouldn’t you say? And here is the link to download the doc easily.

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