LIVErtising 19 Hubspot and Google Certifications

March 2, 2019

May 26 update: here is the list with the complete results – please check it to see whether I have included yours correctly and let me know if that happens not to be so – three ??? mean I have not had any indication of your results and must get them asap – here is the direct link.

LIVErtising is marketing communication based on engagement. In this course I’ll try to base my approach on the same foundation: interaction and amplification/advocacy. This is why I invite you all to have a look around the site and discover the many things it has to offer for your own personal development. In this post I’ll introduce the possibility to get your a Hubspot Academy or a Google Garager official certification.

Indeed, we need more than the LIVE lectures where we meet, you and I, every week at IHECS. This site is an invitation to dig deeper than the course to construct your own knowledge and/or experience in this exploding field of marketing communication. It is also an invitation to contribute to the blog and Twitter feed with your suggestions, questions and feedback, and to share all this.

This year I want to suggest two opportunities to drill down.

I am suggesting two courses of action. The first is the possibility for every willing student to focus on Inbound marketing by attending the free Inbound Marketing Courses offered online by Hubspot Academy, in order to prepare and take one of the official Hubspot Certifications.

Hubspot Marketing Certification Courses

Among the many different courses and certifications you can take with the Hubspot Academy, 5 are encouraged within the framework of the LIVErtising course, and will enable  you to use your Hubspot certification marks for 15% of the LIVErtising marks. This may prove a decisive bonus! The courses in questions are ticked in the following visual from the Hubspot Academy page:

Hubspot certifications to choose from


The task is to attend the complete chosen course, take the exam… and succeed it. The bonus: succeeding the exam will secure safe marks for 15% of the LIVErtising course marks. Additionally, this official certificate will increase your chances of finding an internship or job more easily with an official certificate displayed in your CV.

If you’re willing to rise to the Hubspot Certification challenge:

  1. accept the mail invitation you have received to join Hubspot Academy and register with Hubspot as a member of the LIVErtising team (see PDF tutorial below) – do **not** register on your own outsite the LIVErtising team **and** make sure you use your official name to register
  2. attend one of the five courses indicated above – pay attention: only those 5 will entitle you to the 15% bonus
  3. take the exam in English and in time to respect 4. below
  4. present your certificate and results to me by mail before May 17 at midnight.
  5. pay attention: no more than one certification mark can be taken into account for the LIVErtising marks. If you take more than one, the highest will count.

Here is a short tutorial on how to set up your Hubspot Learning Center:

An alternative course of action is to register for the Google Digital Garage certification. This course is more introductory in nature and level, a good starting point if you want to gather the necessary concepts for digital marketing, while practising loads of listening with the course videos and upgrading your understanding of the whole field of digital transformation and communication. A real plus if you feel the LIVErtising course is a tad too difficult.

Google Digital Garage

Taking this certificate in English, that is by turning the settings to United Kingdom, would earn you 25% of the LIVErtising course marks, as the programme will take you more time to complete.

If you’re willing to rise to the Google Garage Certification challenge:

  1. you must first let me know that you have registered online for Digital Garage setting it up to “United Kingdom”
  2. attend the full “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” course in English
  3. take the exam in English and in time to respect 4. below
  4. present your certificate and results to me by mail before May 17at midnight

On top of the Hubspot and Google certifications, you can let me know of a similar training you’d like to take. For obvious reasons you’ll have to take it and it certification in English. Mail me about this if you so wish.

I really look forward to getting news about your involvement in this soon.

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