Inbound certification for LIVErtising students

In a previous post I suggested the possibility for LIVErtising students to broaden their scope beyond the boundaries of the course by attending the Inbound Marketing video course with Hubspot Academy and getting certified

Inbound certificate

Results have far exceeded my expectations and hopes: 34 among the students are now Inbound Certified, with new certifications coming in every day.


As erring is human, I want to make sure I have not overseen anyone or mistyped your marks. Please take a second to check this below.


Now, go ahead and make proud use of your certification. Share it on your online property such as your website, LinkedIn profile or email signature. This will come in handy when applying for an internship or for a job, soon!  Here is advice from the Hubspot Academy on where to do this:

Add it to your website. You can use the badge embed code to add your badge to the HTML of your site, or upload the image. (Your embed code is delivered to you with your certification badge)

Display your badge to inbound marketers across the world in the community. This actually happens automatically when you create an account with the same email you used to become certified.

Add your badge to your email signature!

Add your badge to your LinkedIn profile, or upload your certification by using the “Add to profile” feature. This can increase your profile views by up to six times. The “Add to profile” link will easily add your certification to your profile. Below, find an image pointing to where you should select to add your Certification to your profile.



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