From Listening to Intelligence

February 26, 2017

I am sharing below the slides for next Monday’s lecture. It analyses the basic ingredient of any relationship based on interaction: listening. You cannot interact, you can’t build a genuine conversation with someone you don’t listen to, full stop.

As a brand, listening is also a foundation skill that companies and organisations, as well as individuals, events, candidates or recruiters had better learn seriously. It is a new competence promoted by the participatory web and furthered by a set of digital tools and technologies, from the basic hashtag to sophisticated deep machine learning in artificial intelligence (AI).

Here is a short video to put you in the picture and in the mood for… listening:

The ARF, Advertising Research Foundation, defines “listening” thus:

The study of naturally occurring conversations, behaviours, and signals that may or may not be guided, that brings the voice of people’s lives into the brand (Steven Rappaport, Listen First!, Advertising Research Foundation)

Now, as our communication on digital media is increasingly based on pictures and videos, as social media platform are evolving into visual platforms, we need to understand that the above “listening” skill increasingly turns into a “seeing” one. “Yet, even the smartest machines are still blind,” as computer scientist Fei Fei Li explains in this enlighting TED talk:

So, join me this Monday to work together on how advertisers and adpeople need to evolve from listening to intelligence. Here is the keynote:

As all preceding and coming #LIVErtising keynotes, they are available on the LIVErtising Onedrive from the top bar and here: – help yourselves and feel free to comment below.

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