Should you cut the TV Cable Cord? Here is how to decide!

February 17, 2016

TV remote
Last week in LIVErtising I tried to answer the question whether traditional media should be considered dead for advertisers and adpeople – especially television. If the obvious answer is “no”, my intention was to provide up-to-date background information to support that position. Just in case you are still a little confused by the possibilities offered by the evolving television landscape, or if the recent LIVErtising 16.3 lecture left you wondering: here is the full document.


LIVErtising16_2 Are traditional media dead?


Some further support may be found in the field of political advertising. The campaigns for the US primaries are being fought right now, providing us with a host of interesting date. I have singled out this one for you. It shows convincingly how prominent TV remains today when it comes to trust and power to convince. Notable is that this leading position crosses the gen boundaries.


TV not dead Most-Effective-Political-Advertising-Channels-Feb2016


And to help you visualise the TV offering I want to share with you the following infographic.




A last invitation: watch Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, introducing the new version of Apple TV in September 2015. Watch him here telling us how IDTV is to replace IPTV is Apple can shape the future again. You can jump to minute 55 to skip to the right moment in the keynote. Enjoy!

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