From Listening to Insights: LIVErtising 16.4

February 19, 2016

Hello there! Social Media Listening

We are already in our fourth LIVErtising week. TTI has had its kick-off meeting and a save-the-date invitation is due to roll out soon for our Trend Talk Ihecs #2 of April 19. Some among you are already warming up for the Hubspot or Google certifications. And we have already four chapters of the LIVErtising Masters course to chew on. LIVErtising 16.4 is entitles “From Listening to Insights”.

I am taking this post as an opportunity to make sure everybody is keeping pace with us. If you feel left out, here is some information to keep you updated. Do not hesitate to provide a comment below, with questions, suggestions, observations, whatever you feel like sharing.

Google and Hubspot Certifications and TTI2

All the information regarding who, where, when and how feature in my previous post “Digging deeper into LIVErtising” – please read this (again) to know better.

Inbound Erasmus students

Welcome Karina, Alida Patricia and Saara, our inbound Erasmus hosts from Moscow, Monterrey and Jyväskylä – this is a geography test for Belgian students: what nationality are they? I trust you’re settling down fine, and invite you all to welcome your new fellow students warmly into all your lectures and practical assignments. Be open and genuinely friendly, as always! 

Karina, Alida Patricia and Saara, have you visited “Bridging the gap to LIVErtising”? This is an assignment you need to complete by Easter. As you work in pairs, Mei Yang, another Erasmus student coming from China who is only attending the course, may work together with Karina. All right? You can find some inspiration in the above Onedrive Platform entitled “Library”

Course notes

All course notes are available from the same Onedrive Platform available from the above menu. Here is the latest, uploaded today. It is entitled “From Listening to Insights”. Here is the download link.

Every week I tweet you to let you know when the notes are ready, using the #LIVErtising hashtag. By the way, do you know how to keep tabs on hashthags that are useful or important to you? More about this next Monday!

The course videos

It is crucial for your language progress to practise your precision listening skills. Do so working on contents at the same time: watch the course videos carefully, make notes, watch them again… they are all available from the “LIVErtising video channel

Looking around the site

The video channel is something you have not missed if you have had a look around the site. I intend it to be a useful information tool for your personal development in terms of digital media. Be curious, take time to discover the opportunities, the information, the documents, the resources provided here.

LIVErtising background reading

A last note for this time: to provide you with some background knowledge to support the LIVErtising course, you’ll find some literature intended to deepen some of the subjects covered in the course. You can find the whole file on the Onedrive (clicking on “Platforms” in the menu above): yes, the same place where you can find the student notes. OK, for the lazy, here is the link below:

I insist: write your comments, questions, suggestions, observations below. I really wish this to be collaborative, not top-down!

Social Reading

The activity that was introduced in my“Bridging the gap to LIVErtising” post has yielded very interesting media objects, all presenting a relevant book, carefully chosen by your peers. To keep the collaborative note, I do not intend these productions to inform me only. They are intended for a broad audience interested in marketing communication.

To this end, I have started rolling out these media objects on a Tumblr at .  Go ahead, visit the tumblr, click on the books or subjects you want to visit and leave a comment on the tumblrblog.

Oh, yes, I realise the Tumblr page takes some time to load – do not hesitate to reload it if no articles appear!


I’ll see you on Monday. Take care!

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