Digging deeper into LIVErtising

February 3, 2016

LIVErtising is networked, interactive, participative marketing communication. My hope in this course is to base the pedagogy on the same approach. This is why LIVErtising.net invites all students and visitors to have a look around the site to use it as a source of personal development. Everybody interested in participative communication is invited to do so on the basis of the information available in the different sections of the site.

This also calls for more than the LIVE lectures where we meet, students and I, every week at IHECS. It is an invitation to dig deeper than the course to build your own knowledge and/or experience in this field of marketing communication.

This year I want to suggest three opportunities to drill down.

Organising TTI

TTI 2014 Tom Palmaerts

First, students interested in the organisation of events can choose face the TTI challenge. TTI, or Trend Talk Ihecs, is an IHECS-branded event intended to keep Belgian marcom professionals informed about the latest trends in their field. Two years ago Tom Palmaerts, trendwatcher of the year 2014, accepted to share his insights with a large audience filling our BV1 auditorium. The event trended on Twitter and got a huge positive response both for Tom’s input and for the organisation and communication skills shown by the student team.

Marcel SaucetThis year, willing students have the opportunity of turning TTI into an experiential event welcoming Marcel Saucet, established authority in the field of Street Marketing™, Alternative Marketing and Innovation. This event, planned on April 19 at IHECS, is a partnership between Marcel Saucet, Nathalie Hublet with Dentsu Aegis Network, Gaëlle Abrighach with IHECS Alumni, and Pub Magazine as press contact, together with LIVErtising students and with my friend and colleague Talheh Daryanavard as project manager. A synergy to discover new ways of implementing DAN‘s mission statement: “Innovating the way brands are built“.

The task here will be for one group of students to organise and manage the whole event, while another set will take care of the communication side of Marcel Saucet’s visit and talk. Here is the brief issued by Nathalie from DAN: TrendTalk-Theme&Insights_MarcelSaucet_Students notes. The incentive, beyond the opportunity to work closely with international partners, is the coaching offered by one member of Marcel Saucet’s Paris team, a feedback by the DAN team and certification of your successful participation in the organisation. Good for your morale and your CV!

Working on such a project can be a real asset. Geoffrey Delhoux was part of the student team. Being on board enabled him not only to do his traineeship with Trendwolves, Tom Palmaerts’ agency, but also to secure a job with them. Geoffrey is most willing to answer queries you might have about this type of project and what involvement and commitment this requires from students. Do contact him! For example if you fear the work load: Geoffrey will be able to reassure you in this respect.

One last note here: please let Talheh know about your enthusiasm for the project, putting myself in copy.

Google and Hubspot Certification

Inbound certification

A second type of project involves knowledge more than experience, but also grants a certificate. The idea is to encourage students to attend an online course in line with LIVErtising, leading to an exam and, if successful, official certification.

Two possibilities are offered here, both free. The first is the Inbound Marketing Course and Certification by Hubspot Academy. The second is the Google Certification. Here again, you can choose between the Adwords exams, where you need to take two exams to succeed, and the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ). Details about these three programmes are available on line.

In this case, Inbound, Google Adwords or Google Analytics, the task is to attend the online course, take the exam… and succeed it. The bonus is the opportunity to find an internship and job more easily with an official certificate displayed in your CV.

Google Certification

In both cases, event organisation or online certification, an additional bonus is securing safe marks for one third of the course marks. Of course this represents additional personal involvement, beyond preparation of the standard exam, but is likely to add a genuinely professional touch to the course which some will be eager to dive into!

If you’re willing to rise to the Google or Hubspot Certification challenge, please let me know when you have registered online for the course, via the above links and take the exam in time to present your certificate and results to me by mail before the June session.

Thanks to all parties involved! I’m really enthusiastic at the idea of sharing this experience with you all, students, partners and guest speaker.

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